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  • Listening to: my stomac growling
  • Reading: smoothies recipes
  • Watching: food chanel on tv, suffering
  • Eating: banana milkshake
  • Drinking: water...
Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been posting any new art since a lot of time, but I've been quite busy. I had some training for school in labs and vet clinics, and it  was far away from home so I didn't have the Internet, nore the time to do any art. Plus I had all those reports to write and all my final exam... Erk :(

The I moved to a new town, and by the time I got Internet installed, I had this terrible surgery to both upper and lower jaw. It was last week so I recovered a little bit and now I finally have time to post some art, since I don't have to work because of my surgery. I have no excuses, so I'm back!!!!! :) With a brand new yellow hamster face, since my face is all puffy. Hope it won't last too long, so I'll be able to get out of my appartment.
And now all I can eat has to be in a liquid form... :P Can't wait to eat steak!!!! Arrrr!!!

But hey, I'll try to show you guys more of my work since I have nothing better to do!!! See you later:D
  • Listening to: my cat purring
  • Reading: something about cat food
  • Watching: my cat sitting next to her feeding dish
  • Playing: who meow louder with my cat
  • Eating: cat food
  • Drinking: the water in my cat's bowl
Thank you for all the people who are watching me!!!:D

I just can't believe my page have been viewed 400 times!!!:wow:

Thank you everyone, you don't know how much it means to me. I will continue to do the best as I can, just for you guys. ;)

You all made my day!!! Yeeeepeeeeeee!!! :bounce:
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  • Reading: the Garfield of the day on my calendar
  • Watching: my socks so they won't bite me again
  • Playing: hide and seek with jaws
  • Eating: nothing...
  • Drinking: I wich I could have a huge frozen cappuchino!

Sorry I didn't post anything since quite a lot of time, but it's school vacations and I got to work in my hometown, in Granby.
So I spend all summer at my parents house and... they don't have a computer, nor internet... Well, if fact, they have a computer, it's just that it's a windows 98... The only program that's on it is word, half-excel (doesn't work) and paint. That's it. So let's just say they don't have a computer. :=P:

So sorry if I don't come out with something since a couple of weeks, I gotta work to pay school and everything else :P (And it cost less to stay and my parents house :D)

So I'll see you at the end of august, maybe i'll try to at least put a little something before that.

blakdragoon :silentkitty:
  • Listening to: mew mews of my cat
  • Reading: the Garfield of the day on my calendar
  • Watching: my chair so it won't bite me again
  • Playing: polo with Mr. Incognito
  • Eating: rice (again... I'm so lazy)
  • Drinking: I wich I could have a huge vanilla coffee!
Hey. :silentkitty:

Looks likes I'm not the only one in my head any longer. All these monsters, creepy peples, warriors, magical kinda things are back! I hope they will stay as long as they like, or at least just enough for me to draw them ;)

My inspiration's back, so you'll see some new new stuff soon, just give me the time to draw a couple of things, maybe color one or two of them. Talknig of that, I began to ad color to one of my old drawing, so I hope you guys will like it! I'm not telling you wich one it is, you'll have to wait! Hahaha!

Sorry, I'm a little tired lately, so I thing I'm gonna have myself a huge dinosaur size coffee! It's for my own good, and yours, too!

See you soon! :mangapunksai:
  • Listening to: the silence in my head
  • Reading: about felicola subrostratus (homework)
  • Watching: my keeboard so it won't bite me again
  • Playing: final fantasy XII with my cat
  • Eating: chocolate cake (well, i want to...)
  • Drinking: I should drink, but I hate alcool

It's been a few weeks since I've got a big problem, something that has rarely happened to me in the past; drawer's block....

For the first time in my life, I have absolutely no idea of what to draw...  
Yes, I've been posting a lot of things lately, but this was my old stuff, things I drew last fall...

A little before christmas, I bought a brand new sketch book since my old one was finaly full; and I haven't been able to draw in it since... I'm cursed... Usually, tons of characters walk around in my head, but right now... Nobody. They all returned home, leaving the streets of my mind empty. :(

I hope they will come back one day, 'cause I'm startig to miss them. All this calm in my head, this isn't me! I need them to come back!!! Maybe with a big homemade chocolate cake of my own, they will return! What do you say? What if they don't like chocolate cake? Of course they like it, all of them, because they're a part of me! ;)
  • Listening to: the voices in my head
  • Reading: what i'm typing
  • Watching: at my yellow belt
  • Playing: ping pong with al capone
  • Eating: cat's hairs
  • Drinking: i don't drink anymore
I'm now a deviant artist since one week! :bucktooth:

I've got a lot of my work to put on my page soon, I hope every body will like it... :D

Today I got an evaluation at my Aikido class, and I'm now a yellow belt!!!! I'm so happy! :dance:
Sorry, I just gotta tell this to every one :blushes:

So see you next time! :mangapunksai:
  • Listening to: the voices in my head
  • Reading: what i'm typing
  • Watching: at my pc screen
  • Playing: ping pong with al capone
  • Eating: cat's hairs
  • Drinking: i don't drink anymore
Looks like this is my first attempt to be on the web as an artist...
Istill need a lot of practice, of course, and don't talk about Photoshop, I don't know a thing about that program. I think I'll be stuck with paint all my life...

Well, don't steel my work, please. Or my personnal killing cat from outher space will devour you in your sleep. I swear.